1. Representation in AACRAO from each member corporation.
  2. Recognition in AACRAO's Online Member Directory with corporate profile, and listing by products/services offered
  3. Preferred status in selecting booth location at AACRAO-sponsored meetings; preferred status in selection of vendor presentations for limited slots at Annual Meeting
  4. Opportunities to interact with AACRAO’s Board of Directors, AACRAO Office, and members on an ongoing basis
  5. Discounts on labels, publications, advertising and exhibit rates

Benefits of Corporate Partnership

  1. Open line to market needs for product development
  2. Opportunity to establish ongoing, face-to-face relationships with customers
  3. Ready-made beta-test market
  4. Expanded potential market via word-of-mouth advertising
  5. Better return on every marketing dollar 

Corporate Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Corporate Application Form** (.pdf)
Data Correction Form (.pdf)