FERPA Compliance Training (Half-day and Full-Day training available on your Campus)

If you would like to have Mr. Rooker come to your campus, contact ferpa@aacrao.org, or call 202.355.1059

The nation’s premier FERPA authority, LeRoy Rooker, is a Senior Fellow with AACRAO. He can visit your campus to provide your faculty and staff, including your student workers, with FERPA training tailored to your institutional needs, review your institution’s FERPA practices, and provide an assessment along with suggested best practices. Areas of compliance training include:

  • Risk assessment teams and FERPA
  • Best Practices for Colleges and Universities
  • FERPA Compliance 101
  • How to Train Your Faculty and Staff on FERPA
  • Campus Security and FERPA after Virginia Tech
  • Safeguarding electronic student records in an age of data privacy concerns
  • FERPA and “the cloud”
  • FERPA/HIPAA and student health and counseling records
  • Electronic signatures and education records release
  • Financial aid records under FERPA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley
  • How to effectively use your campus law enforcement unit while complying with FERPA

FERPA Outreach and Workshops

As the Director of the FPCO, LeRoy Rooker was well-known for his extensive and impactful outreach. He continues in this capacity for AACRAO with sessions and workshops held throughout the year.

Get the latest on FERPA from an Update session, or introduce yourself to the legislation with the Overview. Dig deeper with specialized sessions on authentication of identity, or how to address legal issues in the digital age. Engage with other professionals in the interactive “CSI FERPA,” where each attendee must devise the proper solution to prescribed problems. You can even find out more about how to ensure your vendor is FERPA compliant!

Upcoming events where LeRoy Rooker will be presenting or conducting workshops: